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    Technical Details:

    Working Voltage: 10.5-15.5V

    Sensor Mounting Height: 0.5-0.7M

    Detection Range: 0.3-2M

    Working Temperature: -40℃~+80℃

    2/4/6/8 sensors are optional.

    Human voice alarm or Bi-bi sound are available


    1. LCD Screen, different background light (Green, Orange and Red, which based on obstacle distance) 

    2. Built in English voice reporting the reversing distance

    3. The screen shows you the direct information when you reversing.

    4. Three ranges of volume adjustable, eight-leveled rectangle detection displaying the obstacle obviously.

    5. Automatically adjust the brightness according to the situation, never dazzle at night.

    6. Anti-jamming technology, low error report.

    7. 2/4/6/8 sensors are optional.

     LED Display Specification

    Model Number


    Working voltage

      9-16.0 V



    ECU Size 

       4Sensors:9*7.1*2.1 cm(Thickness) ;  8sensors:14*9*2cm(Thickness) 

    Sensor Diameter


    Sensor Cable Length

       2.5m for Rear Sensors (Customized 4.5m is available)

       7.6m for front Sensors (Optional, extra charge)

    Buzz volume

        ≥70 dB 

    Sounds Type

       (-.-, bi......bi......, bi...bi...,bi--------);

    Light Type

       (NO light / Green - safe; yellow-urgent; Red -Stop)

    Buzzer&Lihgt (1.5m-2m)

       Silent,only display distance ,2.0....1.7....1.5;GREEN

    Buzzer&Lihgt  (1.5m-1m)

       bi.........bi........bi.........bi ;GREEN light,Slow buzz

    Buzzer&Lihgt  (1m-0.7m)

       bi.....bi.....bi.....bi ;GREEN light Middle speed buzz

    Buzzer&Lihgt  (0.7m-0.35m)

       bi..bi..bi.. ; Yellow light Quick buzz

    Buzzer&Lihgt  (0.35m-0.0m)

       bi————i  ; Red light Urgent buzz

    Sensor mounting Hight

       0.5-0.7 M

    Detection range

       0.0-2 M

    Working temperature

       -40 ℃~+70 ℃

    Error allowance

       +/- 10cm

     Sensor Specification

    Rated voltage


    Operating Voltage


    Operating temperature


    Storage temperature


    Working frequency

    40KHz±1KHz/ 58KHz±1KHz

    Effective distance

    200mm~1500mm(⌀75mm PVC tube)

    0mm~2000mm(300*300mmPVC   board)

    Detection range

    Horizon angle from 110 to 120, vertical   angle from 60 to 70 (40KHz)

    Horizon angle from 85 to 95, vertical   angle from 40 to 50 (40KHz)

    (The range can be adjusted specifically)

    12V Device series

    Rated voltage


    Operating Voltage


    Operating temperature


    Storage temperature


    Reaction time


    Output frequency

    40KHz±2KHz/ 58KHz±2KHz

    Perceptual range

    3 range/ 4 range

    Working current

    <100mA(device & Sensor)

    Warning way

    Display/ Voice/Beep

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